Structure of Story

This idea is being presented as a framework for use by authors, screenwriters, and poets.  It is not intended to limit but to inspire.  All creations need structure in order to take form.  These are the parameters I am offering for use in the creation of your next article, book, screenplay, script, or creative venture.  Feel free to vary where you see fit, but remember there is a reason for every aspect of a story.  Each piece is a part of the puzzle and if you don’t have all the pieces, well the picture is incomplete.  Please share your ideas on this website so others can contribute to this evolving project.

Science Fiction story or Space Opera set in the current time but a parallel universe/galaxy.

  • Founded on Age of Aquarius ideals: Interdependence, cooperation, androgyny, bisexualism, technology, and equity. (See below for more detail)
  • The story centers on the archetypes of the Sage, Wizard, & High Priestess.
  • The Hero will be the Sage, and the supporting cast includes the Wizard, High Priestess, The Innocent Fool, and perhaps other archetypes.
  • There will be no obvious villain. The Villain will be sin (mistakes) and ignorance.
  • The challenge will be a journey of discovery – an awakening.
  • The discovery (reward) is oneself – consciousness itself – Oneness. (Ex. Avatar)
  • Wisdom is found at every turn, whether they are steps forward or back.
  • The stories are didactic with a moral and idealistic plot.
  • The setting is one of a new earth or lush earth like planet, a parallel world where the old ways are still in existence but in smaller isolated pockets only. (This is not post-apocalyptic, but rather an alternative world, one where all was not destroyed, but transformed).
  • The world is made up of large cities; there are no formal borders or countries.
  • Each city has its own economy and culture unique to that location made up of a collection of cultures and beliefs both ancient and new. There are 12 major (megalopolises) cities around the world surrounded with smaller supporting cities.  Three major continental structures with two cities on the northern hemisphere and two on the southern hemisphere for each of the three, totaling 12.  The north mirrors the south in often opposite ways.  Incorporate sacred geometry if possible.
  • For the most part the world is living in balance without the need for war. The people have mostly matured with only small skirmishes over resources and usually from the “old way” cities who grasp to their beliefs like rats in a sewer. Only one megalopolis is stuck in the old ways along with a few of the smaller cities. There is no military except in the old way cities and these are fringe militants.   Love is the greatest power there is.  Remember this is an evolved society or you could call it a mature society.  (Earth right now is in the adolescent stage, equivalent to a 14yr old, this story is more like a 35yr old)
  • The concept of ownership, property, and fee for service have morphed into the new world concepts mentioned in item 1, the Age of Aquarius. And in the eBook, a Love Based Society. Meaning there is no government, however each megalopolis has its own council of elders and with the help of a central computer manage the resources of their region.  Working peacefully with other regions the computer system dictates allocation of these resources.  The world population is under a billion so there is plenty to go around.
  • Borders do exist by registration in a region.  One must choose their region and stick with it so the computer can allocate resources.  Travel is allowed between the Peaceful regions, but the “old world” regions are off limits without special clearance from the Council of Elders.
  • The story is staged in this parallel world of a Love Based Society, takes advantage of technology, making technology an integral part of the story and emphasizes sustainable living in all its facets. Every scene will have some sort of highly efficient tech woven into the happenings.
  • Now that technology provides the necessities of life, people are free to pursue higher values, art, music, philosophy, simple living, sports, relationships, etc.
  • Violent practices such as hunting, fishing, violent sports, are becoming a relic of the past. People while free to do so, choose not to participate in these destructive activities.  When done they are used consciously as learning tools often in a virtual reality setting.  For example martial arts are used as they were originally intended for physical health and exercise.  No one would dream of harming another because they see this as harming themselves.
  • Spirituality has usurped religion with widespread respect for others. No one teaching is accepted as ‘the truth’, rather the majority now trusts their own inner guide and have learned to get Divine guidance directly from Source.  Many pockets of belief movements still exist but carry little influence overall.  Spiritual groups exist to share in similar beliefs as a social activity, as a way to grow and expand through learning and honoring others, and as a way to be a part of something larger than themselves.  Proselytizing is obsolete since the masses learned to find their own inner guidance.
  • The story(ies) are centered on character development through building of relationships, mostly positive. The fear of separation is exposed as the main cause of negative emotions and as the main barrier to spiritual growth. (i.e. the teachings of ACIM, A Course In Miracles)
  • Climaxes in action occur as either “Forgiveness” moments or Unity experiences. A feeling of connection is the goal of each chapter or episode.
  • Death is seen as a transition, not an end. No fear exists around death for this reason.  Death is simply an end to one particular story – the story of that character.  Another person would step in to that persons role or archetypal part.  (keeping in mind the quote from Shakespeare: All the world’s a stage…)

Here’s a list of some of the qualities of the Aquarian Age:


solidarity and fellowship

kindness and compassion

philanthropy and altruism

spiritual awareness

revelation of Truth








rebels and rebellion






“The function of myth is to put us in sync—with ourselves, with our social group, and with the environment in which we live.

One of the most interesting and simple ways to get this message is from the mythologies of the Navajo. Every single detail of the desert in which they live has been deified, and the land has become a holy land because it is revelatory of mythological entities. When you recognize the mythological aspect of Mother Nature, you have turned nature itself into an icon, into a holy picture, so that wherever you go, you’re getting the message that the divine power is working for you.

Modern culture has de-sanctified our landscape and we think that to go to the holy land we have to go to Jerusalem.

The Navajo would say, ‘This is it, and you’re it.'”   (Joseph Campbell, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, p.19)


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