Story Summary

The story takes place in a city and demonstrates a society where people depend on each other (interdependence) rather than being ‘us against them’.  There is no “them/other”, so the story needs to reflect in supporting action.  Any conflict is inner rather than outer. The relationships between people will be both open and mysterious at times.   People are androgynous in appearance so sex has become bisexual and de-stigmatized.  Love is the binding force behind all people and things… the very essence of the Universe. The population has matured to a point where jealousy and hatred are rare.  Children have become less important as has family as a core.  People see everyone as their family and happily look out for each other (and their children). (Think “Prot” and his world’s view in the movie K-pax, although this world still has natural birth, some cloning but it is not widespread yet.) There is no matriarchy or patriarchy, family structure is based on equality. Possessiveness is passé and fear of harm is all but gone.  Through the power of technology society has all the basic needs provided for, thus crime is unheard of, except in cases of crimes of passion and these are rare (since people are mature). It is not unheard of for a child to travel much like an adult without fear of harm, hunger, or being homeless.  Children are recognized as the old souls they are and treated as such. (The soul memory is retained, so learning what was known in a previous lifetime flows easily.)

Society is still stratified to some degree, with education/socialization being the new discerning factor.  It is not discrimination as such, but natural stratification caused by a natural attraction to be around those who are like you.  People tend to surround themselves with others like them most of the time despite appearances and on occasion blend with others, esp. at large events such as concerts, sports, or at school.  Education has taken on a whole new role in this new society.  Society favors the educated and experienced.

Schools are now free to anyone and more focused while also being automated to a great degree.  To learn art people go to the art center and learn from others while also teaching if they feel capable.  There are no classes per se, but instead learning areas are centered on the appropriate supplies, i.e. swimming pool, theater, gym, musical instruments, etc..  Multi-purpose rooms will have 3d printers to make whatever the mind can conceive.  A centrally located guidance area will be available to those who need help finding inspiration or simply finding the appropriate facilities.  Philosophy is taught through discussions both in person and online.  Since we are social creatures the need for in person contact has remained high and this is one large function of schools.  Education is now the center piece of society, but not just for the sake of “knowledge is power”, but rather as a means of serving others.  Learning requires experience so schools provide this opportunity through a more camp like environment.  Although many still get this contact through work.  Work is done for the greater good of society and for personal pleasure rather than for pay.  The Universities and Corporations have merged in a way that supports society rather than divide it.  “A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world: everyone you meet is your mirror.” (Ken Keyes Jr.)

Each person is on a journey of discovery through experience using the tools of education, exploration, and meditation.  Communication has evolved to a new level, one where telepathy is a natural ability for everyone, but not everyone has developed these skills equally.  It takes intense focus and practice to get good at it and those who are dedicated can speak to others all over the planet and even the galaxy without the use of technology.  Some prefer to take the easy route and use technology, thus another avenue of “social stratification”.

Society is a ‘service to others’ based society, so ‘service to self’ type individuals (see the Law of One for further explanation) just cannot exist in a Love Based Society (LBS) making this a 4th density world (humans currently live in 3rd Density).  Just as predator and prey exist in a world of survival, they cannot exist in a world of ‘service to others’ or a LBS.   The motivation is not one of survival, but one of growth.  The growth is spiritual mostly and the goal is the Divine Bliss one experiences upon realizing their connection to the all there is, Universal Oneness, or God.  One purpose of this story is to show what is possible and ‘dangle a carrot’ so to speak for the viewers.  It is important to stay away from the word “Hope”.  We are not offering hope here, but something more concrete.  It is not necessarily tangible, but the viewer feels it and is driven forward in an inspiring way.  Hope is a false promise, a feeling without achieving anything solid, so I do not wish to offer this.  As long as you have hope you will never achieve your goal!  Give up all hope and instead trust in faith, all is as it needs to be, you are home, safe, and loved!


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