SSequoia Elisabethequoia Elisabeth is a Metaphysician and Spiritual Peacemaker Minister with 55+ years of life experience with the last 25+ devoted to self improvement, motivational, inspirational, and metaphysical studies. Her degrees include Certified Radiologic Technologist with a specialty in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, one year at College of Metaphysical Studies, Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and a Masters in Adult Education and Training. Her spiritual studies center on A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and The Law of One – The Teachings of Ra, though she has studied all religions and philosophies to some extent.  She has 24 years experience working in all sorts of Health Care settings and 10+ years as an Ordained Minister.  Sequoia identifies as transgender and thus has served this community in various ways since 2004, including volunteering as a counselor and group facilitator both in person and online.  She also continues to write books, administer her website, and minister online.  Her intention is to Assist, Educate, and Counsel as many people as she can on “The Journey of Love”.

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