Ever dream of a better world?  Perhaps you remember the song by John Lennon, Imagine.  This has become my life’s journey to visualize and share my image of a world I wish to live in.  While I do tend to be an idealist this is not about creating utopia, it is about creating a Love Based Society (LBS).  Media today seems fixated on dystopia and the apocalypse and while this serves the simple function of showing us where we do not wish to go it does nothing toward taking us forward to a loving supportive world.

The simple principle of “whatever you focus on grows” guided the creation of the eBook, a Love Based Society.  It also guides this project which is an extension of this ebook.  The base principles can also be found on my website, OnenessMinistry.info.  I have written a total of four eBooks which are free to read or download.

Our project is quite simple and is created with plenty of room for growth.  What I offer here is a foundation for books, TV shows, and movies all based on a Love Based Society. The goal here is to share our vision “focusing on what we desire” and forgiving the hateful destructive world of the past.  We all know there is only one time, Now, so we begin by imaging ourselves living this desired world now.  By offering up visual options each viewer/reader will create their version of this Loving World.  So I am asking for help.  This is no small task however simple we make it.  The more input we have the better.  All my works are offered under a creative commons license so this is not about profit, at least in the material form, but about creating the world we desire to live in.  I chose wordpress because they have a wonderful format for discussion through the blog feature.  I request your input!

Many other projects are going right now in many different formats so please look around and explore!  Be curious and creative!

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